For the first time in many years the airlines have turned a profit. They are increasing hidden fees and charging you for extra checked bags. If you pay for a ticket you should probably add an additional 30-40% to the ticket price to get the same service you got a few years ago. Here’s a breakdown of the prices in this airline fees chart.

In the Airport Fees
Southwest is one of the only airlines that doesn’t charge a checked bag fee for first or second checked bags.
The average checked bag fee is $25, anymore than that and you’re getting ripped off.
The average fee for over 50 lb bags are is an additional $50. Frontier charges the most at $75.

In-flight Service Comparisions
Delta, United, & Continental have the highest pet fees.
A pillow fee is rare, with only one airline, Allegiant, charging for a pillow.
Southwest and Frontier have the lowest alcohol prices.
Hawaiian and Alaskan airlines have the highest meal cost, Southwest doesn’t even provide a meal.