Sometimes I wonder how bad things really are. Most of the “bad” news I’ve heard is people can’t get credit to buy the brand new Escalade SUV. Or that they can’t afford their 5,000 square foot homes (queue sad violin music here). Most of the “bad” news just doesn’t sound so bad to me. People will have to start saving instead of jacking up their credit cards! Oh $h*#! Not that, anything but that.

There are times when our “troubles” seem so silly in comparison to what other people go through daily. This little guy is eating a mouth full of garbage and probably won’t live to see his 20th birthday. When the average American is eating the same (I’m not talking about McDonalds either) then we can say things are bad. But with New York, California, Arizona, and other states going bankrupt maybe we’re not to far off from the image below.

little boy eating garbage at the dump