dustybooks.jpgLooking around my home I have expensive ways to collect dust. Old electronics, old toys, and a myriad of other things that I don’t use anymore have only done one thing in the last year; collected dust.

In the last few weeks I’ve declared war on my expensive dust collectors. All the old recording studio gear I never use any more…gone. The old books I haven’t read lately…gone. Anything of value that hasn’t been touched for a year…gone. Slow moving friends and pets…gone. There were some pangs of sorrow when I sold some items. But getting rid of clutter feels good. The house stays cleaner. There is extra cash in my wallet and for those with allergies getting rid of stuff can actually cut down on dust.

The top seven ways to get rid of junk

1 – Craigslist – Get a higher price by using pictures and don’t copy the manufacturer’s marketing text.
2 – Local Classified Ads – Most local newspapers have low rates or let you post for free
3 – eBay – While this isn’t the best option it can help you sell more specialized items
4 – Donate to library – Surprisingly our library rejected many of the books we tried to donate
5 – Donate to thrift stores – Some donations are eligible for a tax write-off
6 – Yard Sale – Our neighbors have a yearly yard sale so we donated to their things to sell
7 – Throw stuff away – This is a last resort but sometimes things just have to go

Do you have any other ways to get rid of junk? Leave a comment.