A good credit score is 700 and above.

Anything above 800 is considered exceptional. Bad credit scores are around 600 and below.

Notable FICO credit score benchmarks
850 – The absolute highest credit score possible. If you have a credit score of 850 you’ve done a good job watching your credit history and have done everything right.

723 – This is the “Average” credit score. You can use this as a benchmark against your own credit score.

620 – This is the “Prime Rate Cut Off”. This means you will pay higher interest when you apply for a loan.

Credit score range
Improving your credit score
If you are trying to increase your credit score try these 19 tips proven tips to Improve Your Credit Score.

Free Credit Report
By law you are entitled to three free credit reports each year. You can get one from each of the credit reporting bureaus. The only catch is that you don’t get to see your actual score. As you strive to improve your score this is an important first step. You might be surprised at all the skeletons waiting for you in your credit closet. Get a Free Credit Report from the Government

Credit Score APR Monthly Payment How Much More You’ll Pay
760-850 4.57% $511
700-759 4.79% $524 2.5%
680-699 4.97% $535 4.7%
660-679 5.18% $548 7.2%
640-659 5.61% $575 12.5%
620-639 6.16% $610 19.4%

As this chart shows a good credit score will save up to 19% than if you had a poor credit score.