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Rock Bottom Monthly Cost: $29.07
Month-to-month cost = $29.07
Total sign up cost and 1st payment: $41.88 (they include a free month but charge a $29.99 setup fee, $9.95 for S&H, plus $2.56 for taxes).


  • The market leader. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
  • WiFi phones available. Make calls anywhere you can connect to a wireless (WiFi) access point.
  • You have a say in which number you get. You can pick a number with your cities prefix and you can choose from a list of four numbers after you’ve narrowed down your search.


  • Most expensive
  • No yearly plan available.
  • Some of your money will go towards the creation of even more ads.

Vonage is slightly more expensive than the others but they provide a high level of service. For the extra few dollars a month they’re probably worth the cost.

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Rock Bottom Monthly Cost = $26.19

Month to Month Cost: $27.54 (After taxes and fees)
Total sign up cost and 1st payment: – $50.49

Yearly – $209.36 ($17.29/Month) – (After taxes and fees) + $29.95(activation) + $14.95 (S&H)

Total 1st Year Cost:– $254.26 ($21.19/Month) + Monthy taxes and fees (They don’t mention this until after you’ve signed up but you’ll pay an extra $4-$6 in fees even if you do the yearly sign up.


  • Selected as Best VoIP Service by Wired Magazine
  • Owned by Primus Telecommunications Group, a leading global telecommunications company with approximately $1 billion in annual revenue.


  • You don’t have any say in what number you ultimately get. After you’ve submitted your order it assigns you a number. Unlike Vonage which gives you a choice of a few options.
  • Generic prefixes instead of city specific prefixes on your phone.

If you don’t mind having a number assigned to you Lingo provides a good balance of value and service. They won’t go out of business anytime soon and they offer a yearly subscription plan.

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Phone Power VoIP
Rock Bottom Monthly Cost = $14.08
Month-to-month cost: $23.39 (After taxes and fees)

Total sign up cost and 1st payment – $38.34
Yearly Cost – $238.31 (19.86 Month)

Yearly Total Cost – $253.46
Activation/Setup Fee – Free (activation) $14.95 (S&H)


  • 6 months free with Year signup. Your first 18 months could be $14.08/Month!
  • $15 Activation Fee waived for online orders.
  • Transfer Phone Number


  • They are small enough that they might go out of business (like SunRocket did).

PhonePower offers a very attractive rate for their service. The real only issue is if they can stay in business for an extended period of time. If you’re a gambling type give them a try.

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Magic Jack
Rock Bottom Monthly Cost = $3.34 (for 1st year $1.67 thereafter).

Setup + First Year = $39.99 and $19.99/year thereafter

MagicJack offers an unbelievable rate for phone service. Unlimited local and long distance calling for $20 a year! As a customer of MagicJack I would only suggest using them as a temporary or secondary phone. We used MagicJack as my primary home phone number for a few months but there were too many issues to make it work. Hopefully those issues will be fixed and I’ll give them another try. I wrote a post about my experience with them here.


  • Cheapest option hands down. No one is even close.
  • Emergency service is available


  • You must have your computer up at all times to have it work. It doesn’t connect straight to your router.
  • Customer Service is limited and only does chat.
  • Dependability as a primary phone line is spotty

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Skype - call the world at rock bottom prices

Rock Bottom Monthly Cost = $7.95 ($5.45/month the first year)

Yearly Skype Outbound service to U.S.A. & Canada – $35.40 plus $30 for an inbound number = $65.40 Year


  • Skype calls between Skype users is free any where in the world.
  • SKype has a wide selections of Skype Phones on Amazon
  • Skype is both computer and wi-fi enabled
  • Skype has no extra fees or extra monthy costs.


  • Skype is not set up for emergency service and should not replace your primary phone line.

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